My Integration Project is a living chronicle of my unique life experiences – past, present, peak and painful.

Why should you care?

Because your life matters, and my life matters. Each unique, individual human who journeys on this wondrous Earth has a story to tell and wisdom to share. You will care about my Integration Project because you resonate with my story. If you don’t, that’s OK.

Sounds heavy…

The word “painful” does sound heavy but it’s the painful experiences that tend to teach us the most. I don’t shy away from the pain, but it’s amazing how, with a little objectivity, one can be entertained by it. And let me clarify, I am not talking about physical pain – that would not be entertaining.

What is your intention?

This isn’t a vanity project. My intention is to write through the lens of my experiences. Technically, what other lens could I use? My hope is to write pieces that deeply resonate with you, my reader. This blog will at times be about my unique experiences, and it will also be worldcentric, spiritual, observational, inspirational, humorous, ironic, entertaining. I am also interested in the everyday mundane, current events, health and well-being, aging, conscious business, masculine/feminine, growing up, waking up, etc….an eclectic potpourri.

What do you mean by integration?

One definition of integrate is to combine or form into a whole. Life experiences have a tendency to accumulate. It’s easy to skip from one peak experience to another, reporting about the highlights and skirting over the mundane. What hides in the shadows is equally as interesting as winning the trophies.

As organizational categories, I have chosen a few peak experiences to explore and write about. They are: France, Travel and Reviews For example, fifteen years ago, I traveled around the world by myself, and now I finally feel the urge to make sense of those experiences (Travel).  Time is a gift that helps us gain perspective. The process of integration is fueled by curiosity, and curiosity is a delicious, sustainable elixir nourishing our lives. Reviews is a category to capture present moment happenings in our culture.

The last 15 years of my life is well documented in journals, so I can go back in time and piece together important events. If I had to rely on my memory, this would be a short project!

Why is it a project?

A project is an undertaking. It’s not merely an idea; it has structure. It’s real. Ultimately, this living chronicle is a sacred project representing my legacy because my life matters.


Dinah and Jen at 50th Birthday

 Who is JenniferJenJenny?

 JenniferJenJenny, my pen name, represents all the names, phases  and permutations of my life. Dinah, my best friend for 40 years, coined the term on my fiftieth birthday.

What are you about, Jennifer Blalock?

Dana and Skeebo

Born in 1962, I came of age in the 70’s, was raised in Dayton, Ohio and have lived in Colorado, Los Angeles, Cincinnati and France. Currently, I reside in Cincinnati with my boyfriend, Dana and our dog Skeebo, a loyal and handsome Minpin who  has a fierce case of mommyitis.

What matters most to me is my spiritual journey which does not involve organized religion or church. My relationship to spirit, God, Universe is personal and direct. I engage in spiritual work, i.e., practices like meditation, morning pages, shamanic journeying, attending retreats, etc., for the purpose of growth and development. Victoria Wilson-Jones, a Spiritual Counselor, has informed my journey for over 15 years.

Currently, I am not working a traditional job. I am working on this blog and hatching a business called The Expressive Table. You will hear about it!

What I am most grateful for is my education. I have a Bachelor of Arts and a Master’s degree in Speech Communication. I have taught Public Speaking classes for various universities, and what I always shared with students is the fact that no one can take away your education. Once the light of learning is turned on, you can keep on going. My hope is to keep on going with YOU.

What are your ground rules?

My primary ground rule is to respect and protect the identity of the people who share my life experiences. For anyone who is related to me or grew up with me or went to middle school with me, don’t worry. I will not write about or exploit anyone while I work on my Integration Project. No one will be outed without permission.