Muriel – A note sent home to Mrs. Guptill

by | Sep 4, 2015 | Blog, Muriel-Pam | 2 comments

I found this note in a stack of old school work my Mom kept. This is a note sent home to her mother, Mrs. Guptill, when she was in grammar school. I’m not sure how old she was? If it was kindergarten, it would be dated 1931.  I transcribed the original note (photo above). Here’s what it says:

muriel a note home

I wonder if notes like this go home with kids today? She went to a catholic school, St. Joseph Institute in Lynn, MA. Presumably, this was written by a nun/teacher. It feels wonderfully palpable to have an artifact like this from my Mom’s history. To see that she was recognized as “speaking loudly and distinctively” – that’s how I knew her. I’d like to think that I take after her. I have more treasures to share…